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The Guarantee

It is important that we provide you the specifics of our guarantee, because most companies who offer guarantees promise only that your corporation will get an 80+ Paydex score.
While this is a good start, it’s simply not good enough…
Our Guarantee is hands down, the best in the business risk eliminating Guarantee.
We provide you with double protection – a two-part, easy to understand guarantee:

Part One:

If after completing our Business Credit Builder Program you are not fully satisfied and/or have not obtained the items listed below, we will extend your coaching program and access to the Business Funding Suite Platform for up to an additional 12-month term at no additional cost.

These are the items we guarantee you will achieve if you participate fully in our program by completing each step, including applying for all available credit or trade accounts:

  Corporate Compliance and documentation review

  D&B file and a D&B rating

  D&B Paydex Score

  Business credit file with Corporate Experian with an Intelliscore

  Business credit file with Equifax with the appropriate business credit score.

  Trade accounts and/or Vendor Accounts with and without a personal guarantee.

  A Business Credit Asset™ that can be used to leverage financing opportunities

  Access to a dedicated funding advisor for the next 5 years.

Part Two:

If you do not receive at least $50,000 in business credit offers within six months of completing our Business Credit Builder Program we will refund your entire investment. The business credit approvals will consist of a mix of trade, cash, and also vendor credit.

Since we cannot control your acceptance of these accounts, we can only guarantee that you will receive $50,000 in business credit offers within six months of completing our Credit Builder Program or we will happily refund your entire investment.

This will require you to apply for all accounts which are made available to you in our program including many starter accounts which you will need to obtain as initial trade lines to show your credit worthiness. To qualify you must fully complete and submit each trade, cash, vendor, or funding application offering that we arrange for you within our program.

This is our risk free, double protection $50,000 Business Credit Guarantee!

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