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Our Process

Our process is what makes our system a success.  When a client takes advantage of our system in its entirety, a series of our products and services are used in succession to ensure clients reach their full potential for success

Let’s face it, most people we know don’t have $15,000 and more to invest in their financial future.  What makes our system so unique is that potential clients don’t need a lot of money to succeed because we help them to generate the money they’ll need to invest in themselves.  Most of our clients only need to invest a few hundred dollars to take advantage of all we have to offer.  For clients who can’t afford to pay the initial start-up cost – no worries – each of our products offers the option to finance which allows services to be paid over time via small monthly payments. This allows individuals to get started down the path towards financial freedom while we get them positioned to fund their businesses!

The secret to our success begins with our patent-pending, revolutionary LYFE App which is used to determine the vitality of our prospective customer’s financial Health.  The LYFE APP –  a one-stop source for all things financial –  serves as both a free assessment tool for our customers and a lead generator for our partners.  It helps to determine which of LYFE’s products and services can help ensure financial well- being.  Each Partner is given access to this free app to share with their perspective customers.  It also allows our team of licensed funding advisors, attorneys, credit counselors and other professionals to provide a FREE, no obligation financial assessment.

Our Financial Blue Print Software is a wealth acceleration platform that uses simple, user-friendly strategies to eliminate the guesswork and help to navigate the quickest, most cost effective approach to becoming debt free and financially independent. By using common practices, our customers will pay off all of their debts, including a mortgage in as little as 6-12 years- with no major changes to their spending habits.

With LYFE’s Personal Funding Program, we can help clients gain access to low introductory rates for credit cards and/or lines of credit using their personal credit.  Our proprietary pre-qualification tool allows us to determine the funding opportunities for which you pre-qualify without pulling your credit report.  This prevents inquiries on the credit profile.

Our personal funding program is an essential step in the process because it helps our clients to recoup their initial investment and gain access to the funds they’ll need to invest in Step 4 – Business Structuring.

This step is intended to assist clients to successfully establish a compliant, credit-worthy business entity.  Once the business entity is established and verified to be compliant according to today’s lending standards, we immediately move them to Step 5 – the business credit and funding program.

We help business owners gain access to the funding they need to grow their business. Both ‘startups’ and existing businesses can benefit from our program regardless of whether they have good personal credit or bad.

A newly established credit rating allows clients to get immediate access to business credit by serving as a personal guarantor for their business’ funding efforts.  If a client prefers not to use their personal credit, they have the option to establish credit based on the business’ merits.  Business credit is the predecessor to business funding which is Step 6 in the process.

Our Business Funding Platform offers more funding sources and has access to funding sources via thousands of lenders and funding programs worldwide.  This access increases the client’s ability to get approved quickly in order to secure money fast.

Once business funding is secured we show clients how to invest in their business-by-purchasing-the products and services they’ll need to lower interest rates, reduce their out-of-pocket expenses and protect their newly established business and personal credit.  This is accomplished using our LYFE ancillary products and services found on the LYFE Wheel in Step 7.

The LYFE Wheel of Ancillary Products and Services are LYFE essential.  They’re  used by our clients to reduce their expenses by eliminating debt, reducing taxes, minimizing Health Care costs and protection from Identity Theft.

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