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Working with the right team is essential to your success in business credit building and obtaining financing for your business. Our business credit advisors and finance officers are certified experts in business credit building and obtaining funding. Our team will help you each step of the way, and are an essential part of your success.

Your finance officer will help you with all aspects of obtaining funding. They first will review your business file in depth, and talk with you about what your business goals are. In your initial interview you can discuss how much money you would like for your business and how quickly you can be approved.Next your finance officer will use our patented funding approval technology to cross-check your business information with underwriting guidelines for thousands of different lenders. The finance officer will help you obtain funding based on the strengths of your business so you stand the best chance of being approved.Once you are pre-qualified for funding through over 30 core funding programs, your finance officer helps you navigate your approval options to find the best solutions to help you meet your goals. Once you pick the best funding vehicles for you, your advisor helps you through the application process, and works with you until the funds are secured in your bank account.

Our team also includes business credit advisor that will assist you with all aspects of business credit building. Your business credit advisor will assist with helping you navigate our award winning step-by-step business credit building program.

Your business credit advisor will first help you establish a credible foundation for your business. Your advisor will help walk you through a 20 point compliance checklist to insure your business meets or exceeds lending guidelines. If you don’t meet one of the lending requirements your coach will even assist you with securing a solution so you can meet the requirements and be approved.

Once your business is setup credibly, your advisor will help you gain access to Experian Smart Business credit monitoring for free. And your advisor will also help you obtain a DUNS number for free, and will tell you how to activate your business credit profiles at no cost.

Once you have access to your business credit data your coach will help you start your business credit building process. First they will help you select the best vendor accounts for your business. They will assist in selecting sources you can use, and also ones who will approve you for your initial business credit building accounts.

Your advisor will work with you hand-in-hand while building your initial vendor accounts, and then securing revolving credit accounts with major retailers. Your advisor will help you secure credit at places like Staples, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club, BP, Chevron, Dell, Amazon and many more. Plus your coach will also help you build your credit to a level where you can secure high-limit credit cards with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Your business credit advisor will help you with all aspects of building business credit. From helping you build a credible lending foundation, to securing high-limit business credit cards, your advisor is guiding you each step of the way.

Our business credit advisors and finance officers are the top, certified experts in their fields. And they are here to help you have the best experience as you obtain funding for your business and build business credit so you can secure even more money with no personal liability.

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